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Tarot and rootwork have been used for hundreds of years as magical tools to help navigate and influence the world around us. Unfortunately, fear and misunderstanding have forced these practices into the shadows with the assumption that they’re “evil” or “bad”. In this blog, I’m going to explain to you what Tarot and rootwork are, how people use them, and how I personally use them to help you.


The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that are used as a form of divination. Each card has archetypal imagery or symbolism. There are 22 major arcana that represent life’s big spiritual lessons. The Minor Arcana consists of the remaining 56 cards and represents the smaller day-to-day energies we all experience. The minor arcana are further broken down into 5 suits and corresponding elements. Swords with air, Wands with fire, Cups with water, and

Pentacles with earth.

We use the Tarot to access our inner wisdom and intuition. The images on the cards tap into our subconscious mind, sparking an intuitive hit that is relayed into a message. When you ask a question of your reader, they’ll pull cards from the deck and use the imagery to find the story around your situation. Because your reader is tapping into your higher self, often you’ll get confirmation about how you’re already feeling. But more importantly, you know that this message is exactly what you need to hear at that time.

Root work

Rootwork is a form of African American folk magic. It was created by enslaved peoples who used a combination of their own traditional practices, Indigenous knowledge of herbs, and European magical influences. Though it originated in the south, rootworkers can be found throughout the Northern regions of the United States due to post-slavery migration to those areas. Hoodoo is not to be confused with Voodoo, which is a religion that requires initiation to participate in.

Using herbs, candles, and a wide variety of other tools, rootworkers act to influence the world around them. Often this work consists of practical things like healing the mind and body, calling in money, finding love, or protection from people with ill will against you.

Are Tarot and Rootwork Bad?

The media likes to portray Tarot and Hoodoo as things to be feared, practiced only by scary old ladies looking to do harm. But it’s important to remember that this image is for entertainment and ratings only. The old adage remains true - don’t believe everything you see on TV!

It’s my belief that these tools can be used to help people grow to be the most amazing and empowered version of themselves. That’s why we do this work - to help people do and be better while guiding them to a healthier spiritual place.

What to Expect When Working With Me

I require a consultation before working with new clients. We sit down and have an in depth conversation so that I can learn as much as I can about your situation. I do this because I want to be sure that I can help you to the best of my abilities. The most important thing I tell my clients is to trust the process! You might see results tomorrow, next week, or six months from now. It’s up to Spirit to determine when (or if) your rootwork will take. It’s impossible to know the exact timeframe. Remember to stay patient, have faith, and not do anything to counteract the work.

Trusting the process is important for Tarot readings as well. They don’t always tell you what you “want” to hear, but more often, what you “need” to hear. Remember, these messages are coming from your higher self. So even if the information is tough, it’s important to listen. You’re in control of your life, therefore things don’t change unless you do.

Whether with Tarot or rootwork, I always do my best to help my clients make it through their tough situations by finding their strength and feeling empowered.



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